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About em—dash goods



Em Dash Goods is a collection of objects, art, clothing, and ephemera that spark delight, encourage play, experimentation, imperfection, and connection.

In 2016 I made my first bag.

We were aimlessly walking through the streets of LA when the handmade bag of my host lead to the sketching and creation of the first iteration of The Essentialist bag.

For six months it sat on a shelf before the prototype was finished. It was not perfect and many years, mishaps, and prototypes would follow.

Through a commitment to playful and optimistic experimentation, The Essentialist has over and over again proven to me that there is a connection between the joy of creating beautiful objects and the joy of using them in your everyday life.

My hope is that you too will connect with these pieces, that they will live with your stories, your memories, and take part in your joy the same way they have done for me.